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To help celebrate 40 years of the EFPIA, Tanami, for Leith Agency Edinburgh were commissioned to produce a film that took an audience on a journey through the decades.

Below: EFPIA – A Lifetime of Breakthroughs, Social film.

Post Production, ‘We won’t rest’

It has been Pickled’s pleasure to provide post-production for Edinburgh’s Tanami, to help bring the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) #WeWontRest Leith Agency concept to life. Pickled’s Craig Reeves worked alongside Tanami’s Jemma Goba, Craig Dorrall, Amy Saunders and director Patrick Killingbeck providing post production solutions from pre-production, on-set supervision, VFX and online finishing.

“Attending the shoot at Livingston’s Film Services and being able to advise on-set, gave us fantastic context and the ability to offer solutions of how shots would come together. This is an essential part of the post process.” says Reeves of Pickled.

Pickled initially created a concept test piece to demonstrate how the transitions could be achieved. As the project progressed, the overall look and unique crafting of the film evolved as creative direction was sought from Leith.

Post Network

Pickled oversaw the offline creation, visual effects and online finishing of the film. With both Leith and Tanami being in Edinburgh, Pickled’s national and agile post network came into full effect.

Communication between agency, production and post remained fluid, a credit to the team at Tanami for keeping the schedule and communications tight as Pickled provided viewing files and around the clock post workflows.

“A lifetime of breakthroughs: We were born to end patients’ suffering. To extend life and improve its quality. And right now, after decades of tireless medical innovation, we still won’t rest #WeWontRest



  • Agency: Leith
  • Production: Tanami
  • Director: Patrick Killingbeck
  • VFX / Post: Craig Reeves

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