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Expo 2020, Dubai

For EXPO 2020 Dubai; Saudi Arabia. Saudi Ministry of Culture, Silver Grey Films. MBC Studios

Below, Expo 2020 Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Main Feature:


Working closely with director; Owen Harris, Silver Grey’s; Silvio Sadeé, MBC Studios and Work Editorial, Pickled online finished and adapted this film which formed part of Expo 2020 Dubai, which attracted over 24 million visitors from the 1 October 2021 to the 31 March 2022.

The 6 minute film showcased Saudi Arabia and was on display within the Saudi Arabia Pavilion.

Pickled undertook the online finishing, wrangling of the grade media, VFX, CGI, subtitling, adaptions and delivery.

To find out more, please visit the Expo 2020 Dubai site

Visual Effects, 2D & CGI

Working with a range of 4k and 8k resolution plates, the VFX undertook consisted of crew and equipment clean-up and unwanted features, drawing focus to the intended action.

The Porsche driving shot required two action plates stabilising and comping together, allowing for the car departure to marry with the people left of frame.

After the 2D animated sequence, we transition to the real world, where ______ stands looking from her window of a high-rise building. Pickled built a 3D cityscape and tracked the city into the background behind the windows. The cityscape transitions from 2D, to our 3D backdrop.

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Dubai2020 expo, Saudi Arabia

Expo 2020, Dubai

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